Caching rich media assets on iOS with Trove

Introducing Trove,  an iOS framework that provides an intelligent, transparent local cache of rich media web assets. You know, for those precious offline moments when users don't have Internet connectivity but just can't stop using your app.


  • Foundation.framework
  • Trove.framework
  • Reachability.h (included in the example project and found here)


Cache a media asset

NSString *sampleURL = @"";

[[Trove sharedInstance] cacheAsset:[NSURL URLWithString:sampleURL]];

Retrieve a media asset

This method will return the locally stored file URL, if it is not in the cache directory, the original asset URL will be returned.

NSString *sampleURL = @"";

[[Trove sharedInstance] assetURL:[NSURL URLWithString:sampleURL]];

Optional delegate methods