Hello, I'm a software engineer at Capital One,  formerly at NPRAtlantic Media and SAS. I focus primarily on mobile applications, but also experiment with and build apps for wearables, connected TVs, and connected cars.

This site is split up into three sections, my most notable projects, my blog, and some of my favorite photos. This will be my first attempt blogging, and I intend to write about a wide variety of topics, ranging from coding samples to home theater tips. 

The last section is all about my newest hobby, photography. The picture above was actually the trigger that made me get into it. This photo was taken by my best friend, Alex, and I quickly saw the difference in quality from his camera, compared to my iPhone. I realized I wanted to capture my memories with this level of detail. I went out and bought a Sony Alpha 6000 and I haven't stopped taking photos since.

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my projects and interests. Feel free to comment or ask me questions about my work, posts,
and photos.

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